After care during the 14 day healing period:

• no sun beds
• no sweating in the gym
• no makeup
• no anti aging creams on the brow area
• do not pick at scabs
• leave your brow area alone & let them heal totally for at least 14 days

Brows will get progressively darker from day 1 to when it peels due to scab formation. The brows will start to flake/peel around day 5 or 6. Please do not pick on the flaking scab. Full peeling should occur by day 10.

Brows will appear muted or grayish once they peel as the color has not fully settled or surfaced yet. It will take about a month for the brows to darken to its true color. Do not be concerned of lightness. Any missing strokes will be added at the follow up secession. it is very common to have areas fade more so than others. This is a part of the healing process and will be treated at the recommended touch up appointment.

Previously done eyebrows may take one to three treatments to achieve the desired result. scar tissue in the brow area done multiple times will require additional procedures and fees will apply.

Red heads, blondes and fair skin types will experience more swelling, redness and fading than darker skin types. Clients with darker skin (Indian, African American, Filipino, etc.), please know that the Hair Strokes will not appear as defined or as dark as lighter skin types due to the skin color already being naturally darker.

Aftercare: Touch Ups

You will need to return for your touch up treatment within 6 weeks and no later than 8 weeks after treatment. To avoid additional charges please give a minimum of 72 hours for any cancelled appointments.

Everyone’s skin heals differently and most clients develop patchy areas or the appearance of fading after the first treatment. It is important to understand that this is a two part process and the. touch up appointment will complete the procedure and after healing you will see the finished result. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND DO NOT PANIC.

After care: Important Info

Residual pigment, blood, white blood cells, etc. can arise from the open wound. During the first 7-10 days, pleas dab the skin gently to remove/prevent build up, dab the area 3-4 times for the first 7-10 days.

You can use sterile water with a cotton pad to clean and apply oil over your brow area 3-4 times a day or as needed after the 3rd day to avoid scabbing. These are suitable natural oils that are great.

• Grape Seed Oil- most popular

• Coconut Oil – absorbs into the skin without build up

These oils can heal the brow as well as getting the best results in retaining pigment color in the skin.

Important note: Avoid Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline during your healing period.

Anything with Petroleum or Vaseline base can cause a reaction and can cause crusting and scabbing. we expect to see a little flaking but not scabbing. Vaseline/Petroleum can also cause sweating as the skin is not able to breathe.